Our company is the largest one in Egypt, Arab world and Africa for crane Rental and Sales from 1.5 tons to 2000 tons and equipments of all types.

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The biggest company in Egypt for Cranes rental


Main Office                                       New Office



Company Activities

We would like to introduce our company as the biggest one in Egypt

 for Cranes rent and Trailers. We  have the following types of Cranes :

(1) Crawler Cranes                             : Capacity up to 1800 Tons With Super lift.

(2) Truck Cranes                                : Capacity up to 500 Tons

(3) All Terrain Cranes                         : Capacity up  to 350 Tons

(4) Rough Terrain Carnes                  : Capacity up to 80 Tons

(5) Hydraulic Suspension Trailers      : Capacity up to 612 Tons.26Axel(Side by side)

  … All the equipments we use  are in a very good condition and certified. 

  …We have the pleasure, to contact us, if you have any enquiries.

  … We look forward to hearing from you and cooperate in future. 


Company Profile

  • Adrighem & Al Dibiki Company Located in (Cairo – Egypt) The Capital is 50000000Egyptian  pound. We are a joint venture Co. With P.Van Adrighem in Holland

   ** We have 3 Yards :

   - Cairo Alexandria  Desert Road ( 22000 square meter)  

   - Haykestib ,Cairo. ( 4950 square meter)

   - Academic of Mobarak -Cairo Esmailia Road (19000 square meter) 

  ***We are one of the biggest  Companies in field of Cranes & Heavy Equipments rent.  

                                  ***We Belong to the most famous International Companies in field of Cranes rent & transportation which  are:

photo:Mr.P.Barnhorrn , Mr.M.Aldibiki , Mr.P.Adrighem , Mr.ludo Sarens

              ***Our Equipments are in a very good condition & competitives prices & efficient  Services   

***We have sufficient Staff whom are: 

* Maintenance Engineers     *Mechanic Engineers      *Operation Team.   

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Contact Information

Telephone :+202_22565786, 24528420, 0105800530
FAX :+202 22570395
Postal address :91Gsralsuz Cairo Egypt

General Information: info@aldibiki.com   aldibiki@hotmail.com

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