Our company is the largest one in Egypt, Arab world and Africa for crane Rental and Sales from 1.5 tons to 2000 tons and equipments of all types.

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How to find us!

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Road shows from Cairo airport to the company on Google Maps in the case of Internet connectivit


Now The World becomes one country!!!

In the past, traveling from one country to another was a very difficult matter. But Now, with the modern technology

 and Internet , everything become so easy


From everywhere in the world, you can visit us, deal with us, talk to us, work with us, laugh with us, and get business with us!

Route Description...


When you arrive Cairo Airport, You can take a taxi, saying to the driver the following address: 91 Gusr Al-Suez St,

Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

In less than 11 minutes, you will be in front of our building. What are going to do is to get upstairs in the

 second floor that is above Al MeriLand hospital waiting for your arrival



Contact Information

Telephone :+202_22565786, 24528420, 0105800530
FAX :+202 22570395
Postal address :91Gsralsuz Cairo Egypt

General Information: info@aldibiki.com   aldibiki@hotmail.com

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